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BONSS Radio Frequency Plasma Surgical Systems.

Radio Frequency energy flows through an active electrode and a return electrode whilst being saturated in a conductive saline solution, thus creating a precisely focused plasma sheath around the electrodes.

The plasma sheath consists of massively charged particles which have a strong oxidising effect, with the energy generated being powerful enough to dissociate organic molecular bonds within tissue. Therefore, the tissue is observed to rapidly dissolve whilst remaining at a relatively low temperature.

Bauer Surgical is proud to partner with Plasmed Pty Ltd to bring BONSS RF Plasma to Urology in Queensland. Click to learn more or contact us for more information.

Wireless and app-based, Clarius portable scanners deliver the power and image quality of traditional systems for a small fraction of the cost.

Bauer Surgical is proud to partner with Medistar to bring Clarius Portable Ultrasound to Urology in Queensland. Click to learn more or contact us for more information